13-storey tower block in centre of Cricklewood

We have now seen outline plans for 1-13 Cricklewood Lane. They include a thirteen-storey tower block in the centre of Cricklewood. This may be an opening bid; perhaps they intend to compromise at ten storeys, or eight. That would still be an unacceptable ratcheting-up of building heights in central Cricklewood.

We’re told the owner and developer remains the original buyer of the site in 2017. We’ve asked for further information, as Centre East Properties is a comapny incorporated in the British Virgin Islands. We know nothing about this company apart from the addresses held by the Land Registry; basic web searches tell us nothing about them and companies incorporated in the BVI don’t have to make public who the directors, shareholders or beneficial owners are, or publish their accounts.

We’ve asked how the plans fit in with the proposed changes to the junction, but they were unaware of them. They say the bus-stop and loading bay will remain.

The website www.cricklewoodlane.co.uk doesn’t show any of the artists impressions or plans from the consultation, only the pdf about the consultation, a picture of the building as it was a few years ago, an email address info@cricklewoodlane.co.uk and a phone number 0800 170 7270.

Updated 26 November 2018: the planning application’s now in and they’re proposing a 15-storey tower block. Click here for details.


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