B&Q site – small change, another consultation!

As we expected, Montreaux have “listened” and cut the height of the tallest block from 25 to 19 storeys, the same as their second-tallest proposed building, still more than double the height of anything else in Cricklewood. Now they’re proposing blocks 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 19 storeys high.

This cuts the number of residential units on this small site from 1,100 to 1,050. It’s triggered another consultation and you can comment again. The new expiry date’s 16 July 2021.

It could be very important to comment again, or else the planning committee may once again be told “it is important to note” there were less objections this time. We’ve seen it before, and what happens on this site will define Cricklewood’s town centre. If you feel you’ve already said it all, then it’s still worth telling them your objection still stands.

They’ve not provided a new picture so here’s our rough try. We dragged the top of the 25-storey block down 6 storeys.
view from Ashford Road
This is their old CGI of the view from Ashford Road with the 25-storey red block on the right. Only that one will be shorter.
View from Kara Way
This is their old CGI of the view from Kara Way (behind the telephone exchange), with the 25-storey red tower block at the back. Only that one will be shorter.
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