Cricklewood B&Q site

Cricklewood B&Q site – major development

A “wireframe” view from the planning application, showing the towers above the station, which we quickly coloured in – see below.

Plans submitted

Developers Montreaux have made their planning application for the B&Q site and Barnet have published it as planning application ref 20/3564/OUT.
There are 131 documents (including drawings) available to view on Barnet’s planning portal.

Our quick guide to documents

The files on Barnet’s planning portal have a mixture of names and it can be hard to find the ones you’re interested in.
NorthWestTwo have created a quick guide to help you navigate through them.

Our assessment

These plans show nothing much has changed from what they presented in January 2020.


They want planning approval for up to 1,100 residential units in blocks 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 25 storeys tall, with the 25-storey block closest to Cricklewood Lane.


It’s extraordinarily high-density and it would overwhelm the centre of Cricklewood, looming not only above its nearest neighbours in Barnet but all the Brent and Camden residents of Cricklewood too, and stress facilities to breaking point.

No social housing

There are no plans for any social housing as part of this development.

Out of keeping

The scale and height proposed are not in keeping with the local 2- and 3-storey buildings. Nothing in the Cricklewood area is as tall as this or as dense as this.

Most of the images in the application are fluffy green artist’s impressions that don’t show their plans alongside the shops and homes of Cricklewood. There are some “wire-frame” drawings showing thin outlines in the sky. We’ve tried quickly colouring them in to get a clearer idea.

We need to get up a little higher to really see the blocks in their surroundings. The application doesn’t do that and it gives us very few dimensions – only the footprints of the blocks and their maximum heights. So we plugged those into Google Earth.


Barnet’s planning portal is open for objections.

The deadline is 05 October 2020 (extended due to lockdown etc).

Quick guide

After the deadline, Barnet’s planning officers will read the objections, examine the application, write a report for the planning committee and make recommendations.

The report will look at how the application fits in with council policy. It will also summarise and respond to the objections submitted.

Some types of objections can be considered by the committee, some can’t. We’ve produced a quick guide on making objections you might find useful.

NB Petitions

Please note, the report will hardly mention petitions and won’t consider them. There were five petitions against the Waste Transfer Station at Geron Way up the Edgware Road, but the report didn’t even mention what they said.

So, even if you’ve already signed a petition, do make sure to make your own objection on the planning portal too!

We’ll put more here on our website and in our newsletter too when we’ve had a chance to look at the details, but as the clock’s started ticking we wanted to let you know right away

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