Charging points on Mora Road?

Brent Council propose to install charging points for electric vehicles on Mora Road, as well as seventeen other places in Brent. They’d be at the end of Mora Road between Hassop Road and Cricklewood Broadway, in the parking bays that are often used by the garages on Hassop Road. Only electric vehicles would be allowed to park there, and only when using one of the charging points. The council would set up two charging points now but put in the underground ducting for a possible third one at the same time.

The full consultation document with explanations and plans is here and you can respond to the consultaion by clicking “Start Survey” here. It’s very brief; they ask “Do you agree with the introduction of an Electric Vehicle Charging Point and Associated Electric Vehicle Only Bay on Mora Road?” and there’s space for comments. The deadline’s 8th September 2017.

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