Mapesbury Ward Panel

Current Priorities

Violence – Focus around Cricklewood Broadway and Chichele Road

Burglary – Focus on areas that are being targeted which have been reported

ASB/Drugs – Focus patrols around hotspots where ASB and drug use occurs

Most Reported Crimes – July 2023

The most reported crime figures on the Met Police Website has changed from the previous heat maps that was displayed. The crime map shows the different sections of crime from ASB, burglary, violence, drugs, etc. The link below will show you the figures for March 2023 and you can go back as far as 2022.

The most reported crimes for the ward on the website are:

· Anti-social behaviour

· Vehicle Crime

· Violence and sexual offences

· Other crimes

Team Activity

The ward has seen a significant increase of burglaries over the summer period. Operation McAllen has been formed in order to tackle the burglaries.

The team have been doing a lot of crime analysis and crime prevention visits in relation to burglaries. A number of individuals have been identified who have committed burglaries and have apprehended and arrested. In total we have arrested 5 burglars who are off the streets

Joint visits with Brent Council (Cajetan) have been conducted in relation to anti-social behaviour in communal areas reported by residents.

Patrols in an unmarked police vehicle around the ward have been conducted and will be ongoing.

Two flats have been closed down in Anson Road due to the increase of anti-social behaviour and drug use and supply which has completely removed the ongoing issues for the residents. The landlord has been warned about their tenants and will be working closely with police and Council to prevent a repeat issue.

SNT attended a few events over the summer in Mapesbury Dell Park to show our support and engage positively with the local residents.

Police horses have engaged with the Mora Primary School, this was well enjoyed by the children at the school – organised by PC Joanne Robinson.

Issues raised from the Ward by members

· There have been several areas of the ward raising concerns about drugs/anti social behaviour in the Ward. These need to be reported online or by phone – details of links are shown at the end of these notes.

A significant discussion followed about the increase in burglaries in the area, the positive information coming from the doorbell videos and the importance of people being aware of concerning behaviour of people hanging around on the streets, as they may be staking out a house for criminal reasons. These can be reported as they may build a picture that confirms criminal activity. The SNT and the Council officers are aware of the issues and are working with housing associations and landlords to ensure everyone takes their responsibilities seriously.

Walkabouts and Community Contact sessions are used to ensure that residents realise that their concerns are taken on board and provide an opportunity for residents to speak with the SNT team.

The SNT advice on Met Police support for those with mental health issues following changes recently announced.

The police will only respond from the end of September if there is a life in danger. Currently too much time is spent by local police accompanying a challenging member of the community with mental health issues. And they are not the right organisation to be supporting a person with problems, they require a healthcare professional.

The 999 call out will triage to ensure the correct group are sent to the person in trouble.


Communication summary

· 999 for high level crime in progress including Domestic Violence and issues of concern

· Use Crime-stoppers – 0800 555 111 – to anonymously submit crimes and incidents.

· Need people to be specific in reporting addresses / vehicles – not helpful to say just street name. Make sure add details of address when reporting.

· To report various crimes as well as anti-social behaviour can be done online at Put as much detail as possible when reporting ASB or crime online and the exact circumstances and location.

· Issues of ASB can be reported to Brent Council’s Community Safety team or report ASB:

· SNT online – Email to SNT is the best form of contact: but not for urgent matters as not covered 24/7.

New email for Mapesbury & Cricklewood SNT: Mapesbury&

The previous email will still work as it is forwarded to the one above. ·

Noise App link: If residents have not had a reply, e-mail Philip Stagles ( and he will attempt to get a response.

· Advance – An independent charity supporting survivors of domestic abuse

Telephone: 07398 454898.



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