Superhub: new documents, new deadline


Many residents will have been notified by post that new documents have been added on the planning portal in connection with this application and that the application is out to consultation again.  We are told that comments you have already registered on Barnet’s planning portal will be taken into account when the application is considered.  However, it would be a good idea to post another comment on the portal stating that your earlier comments and objections still stand and that you continue to have very serious concerns over traffic, particularly HGVs on the Edgware Road, and air quality.

The link below will take you to the planning portal.

You can also email the case officer and councillors.  Barnet councillors are

The deadline for comments is 5 January.  The application is expected to go before the planning committee on 24 January, so please put this date in your diary now and we will let you know if the date is confirmed.

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3 Responses to Superhub: new documents, new deadline

  1. John says:

    Must I live in Barnet to comment? I don’t wish to be told; “Barnet officers are under no obligation to record comments from anyone other than those living in the ward” [for example] ?

  2. Art Fan says:

    No. There is no legislation preventing you from making a comment on any planing application in any part of the country.