Olive Road LTN ends, School Street stays

The Olive Road Healthy Neighbourhood (LTN) will end. The Mora Road Primary School Street stays.

Probably. Technically, it’ll be decided at the Brent council cabinet meeting on Monday 17 January 2022. But the agenda’s been published, along with the report and recommendations. There’s a lot; the three-page assessment of all the LTNs has the quickest summary of responses. Broadly speaking, for the Olive Road LTN 20% of households replied to the council survey in September and 80% of those were against the scheme. There were a lot fewer responses about the School Street, about two-to-one in favour.

The specific Olive Road Healthy Neighbourhood assessment has more detail about responses and meetings. Responses varied quite a bit, even from street to street, not just about this scheme but about traffic issues in general. There’s also a specific monitoring review about traffic, buses, collisions and air quality.

In the immediate future, the 18-month Experimental Traffic Order for the LTN that started in September 2020 is either to be terminated or simply not renewed; the report doesn’t go into that much detail. Cllr Dar says the planters will be removed in 10 days from 9 January, and the ward councillors say there’ll be consultation before any new scheme’s introduced. There’ll be another report to the cabinet about the whole future approach to local traffic schemes.

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