Waste Transfer Station – application amended

Barnet’s planning application for a Waste Transfer Station beside the Edgware Road (at the Selco site, 2 Geron Way) has been amended. A whole new batch of documents arrived on Barnet’s planning portal for application 17/6714/EIA  on July 11th. We haven’t really studied them yet. Some of the revised designs will be interesting, in good ways or bad, and there are also some attempts to justify aspects of the designs.

There’s a “Road Safety Audit Designer Response” which is a mixture of “Agreed” with some design changes, and “Noted” which seems to mean “we understand this is a safety issue but we’re not going to change it”. There are also several “Departure from Standards” documents – look for titles beginning “DFS” – which seek to justify the new junction design’s non-compliance with various highways standards.

The hours of operation have been extended. Waste can be delivered until 7pm on weekdays, not 5pm, and it will be open to staff 24 hours a day. The “brown roof” coverage has shrunk from 80% to 30%. Temporary acoustic fencing will be erected and removed.

There’s more – much more. For example, the planning statement addendum also tells us “The PB Donoghue site is identified for redevelopment in Phase 4 of the BXC regeneration and is currently not anticipated to be redeveloped until after 2028.”

The planning portal’s confusing. It shows

Latest Neighbour Consultation Date Fri 13 Jul 2018
Neighbour Consultation Expiry Date Fri 01 Dec 2017

They certainly ought to be accepting fresh comments and consultation responses.

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