Adopt a Station

Lots of interest in the Station Project on Facebook.  The idea for smartening up the front of the Station came about when the Station Manager saw the Spring bulb planting by volunteers in Cricklewood Lane and approached the voluntary Town Team.  What was initially a planting and tidying up project is evolving with the donation of the Cricklewood Station Clock, local artwork to go in the new display frames including a photo display by Thomas Ball, photographer and Town Team member. There is a new community notice board on the railings by the entrance to the Station.  Photo below is a mock up of the art installation being proposed by Town Team member and artist, Alistair Lambert who is making this not for profit.  Town Team are working closely with the Station Manager as Thameslink have to approve any proposals as they own the site.  Regarding the knotweed on the strip of land owned by Network Rail that was fenced off but now opened up, knotweed is such a common problem at railway sites that NR have a register and they do spray it.  Having had meetings with local gardeners and landscapers and taking advice from all your emails and the RHS, the knotweed back section is going to be bark chipped (can anyone source free bark chip?).  The plan is to plant in the section in front of the proposed art installation sign with plants that were being discarded but need to be planted soon before they perish.  Looking for offers of help to clear the the rubbish off  site as need to organise a skip which is not easy with the access arrangements.   If you would like to help and can approach local businesses to get involved, contact

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