Brent Cross Cricklewood traffic impact

Cllr Lia Colacicco writes:

Dear Resident

I have become aware of just how badly Mapesbury, Cricklewood, Willesden and Kilburn will be affected by the A5 traffic generated by the proposed development, so I wanted to give you an opportunity to comment.

The public consultation has technically finished, but IF you wish to comment please email me with your concerns and I will add them to mine – email:

The full documents are here…/…

Time is short so here are the headlines, I am happy to send more. The deadline is TOMORROW.

Brent continues to object on transportation……

· Lack of mitigation measures proposed for the junctions within Brent

Barnet have chosen a methodology which provides very limited opportunity for mitigation to be required. As such no reasonable mitigation is proposed for junctions within Brent. The development partners are suggesting that as junctions are already operating over capacity the traffic generated from the development will not further negatively impact performance.

The lack of mitigation measures proposed for junctions within Brent that will be directly affected by the development. The A5CS proposes mitigation only for those junctions that operate at below 90% saturation pre-development and above 90% capacity post development. Within Brent the junctions that fulfil this criteria are

– Chichelle Road/Anson Road
– Willesden High Road / Walm Lane, and some mitigation for these has been proposed.

However, this methodology results in some junctions which are already over 90% capacity receiving no mitigation. This methodology has been objected to and Brent continue to do so. , This is particularly concerning given the 7.5% increase in saturation the junction of Lydford Road and Willesden Road, suggesting that this junction will be materially impacted but no mitigation is proposed.
The apparent lack of mitigation proposed for the A5 itself, particularly given the evidence suggesting that the A407 Cricklewood Lane/Caremont Road/Lichfield Road junction will be operating far over capacity in the end state. Some works are proposed here, however the junction appears to still be very close to capacity in the end state scenario

I will also be asking why Mapesbury residents were not consulted, when they bear the brunt of traffic overflow.

With Best Wishes

Cllr Lia Colacicco

Brent Councillor for Mapesbury Ward

Member of the Planning Committee

Chair of Brent Connects (Kilburn to Kensal)

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