Call for artists

Artists are invited to take part in a pop-up (one day) art show, as part of the ‘Arts at The Farm’ festival, organised by The Clitterhouse Farm Project.
The show will be centred in a wooded area (pictured) at the farm. Our aim is to create an immersive walk through art experience.

All art forms considered, installation or interactive work particularly welcome. There is some wall space available on the exterior of the farm buildings for 2D work, should it be required, but we would encourage use of the wooded area – Paintings can be hung from trees!

No fees applicable, some help, and ladders, will be available on the day. Events at The Cliterhouse Farm Project are always vibrant and well attended! There will be various performers, workshops, music, theatre etc through the day.
If you would like to participate, or for more details, comment on this page, DM Henryk, or email


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