Cllr Ahmade Shahzad OBE

Forwarding from Cllr Ahmad Shahzad OBE

Cricklewood Traders Association

1: Walting Gardens Shoot up Hill and other neighbouring resident blocks will be benefiting from a Zebra Crossing which was their demand for some time and I took up the challenge and with help of Brent Officers succeeded,work on it will be starting in Jan 2016.

2: After long fight against unfair proposed licence charges which were thrown on traders in Crickelwood Broadway after my  long negotiations sense  has prevailed and Brent Council has allowed traders to use 1.2 metre space for display without any charge at front of their shops and Council official and myself have delivered a letter confirming it.

3: Few weeks ago I have introduced Traders Association Officers to the Cricklewood Town Team.

4.  Help for lonely people at Christmas – I have set up a small group of young Muslim people who can visit, talk over the phone or deliver food (free food) or can do shoppings  for lonely or elderly people in Brent under my supervision ( I will accompany them).  So if you know any one needs help then please get in touch with me with their details.  I intend to extend this free humanitarian help gesture for Eid & Dewali also.

If you would like to contact Cllr Shahzad, email:

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