Community Allotment

Come rain, come shine!

Our community allotment at Gladstone Park is taking shape thanks to our friends GoodGym Brent. They came to help us after Gladstone parkrun and worked hard in the rain and made such a difference – and even brought the sunshine!

FREE bed at our community allotment at Gladstone Park if you are a member of NorthWestTWO Residents Association.
Keep what you grow so long as you cultivate your bed & help maintain site.
Membership of NorthWestTWO RA is open to local residents in Cricklewood. Info on
On the pull!
Last night GoodGym Brent worked so hard helping us clearing and making paths and pulling weeds at our community allotment at Gladstone Park. They did such a good job we have asked if they could help us again, this time in daylight on Saturday morning 4 November.
If you would like to help, get in touch.
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