Cricklewood doing it for ourselves!


Despite repeated efforts over the years to get these broken and dirty gas meters in Ashford Road replaced, we decided to organise it ourselves as part of our 10 year birthday celebrations.  We funded the covers which were fitted for free by Culkin Plumbing and Heating.  We are not finished yet and will soon unveil the next stage. It won’t be the dramatic transformation we had planned but we still hope the owners will give us permission for the mural one day.


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3 Responses to Cricklewood doing it for ourselves!

  1. Rhian says:

    …but what about the state of our streets? The kerbsides are beginning to look like hedges. Cedar Road residents have began sweeping the leaves up themselves.
    Broken pavements are being replaced with tarmac which is totally ruining the look of a road.
    Those pavements not considered a priority to be fixed by Brent Council are a trip hazard waiting to happen, especially when leaves cover them.

  2. John says:

    Just wanted to say I think this is great! I think that stretch between Hassop Road and the Broadway could be much improved!

  3. Art Fan says:

    The likes of Ben Eine, Nick Walker, STIK, and Banksy would have the scaffolding up, covered and the mural would be done overnight.

    When it comes to “artists” like Zonk, Zomby, Fume [The DDS crew,] they wouldn’t even bother with excuses like needing scaffolding haha!