Cricklewood PSPO

PSPO discontinued. Brent Community Safety Team have had a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) around Cricklewood and the surrounding areas, with the aim of targeting the casual labour market that was causing many anti-social behaviour complaints from local residents and businesses. The PSPO made it an offence for any resident or small business to pick up casual labourers in the areas identified, and so remove the need for people to congregate outside B&Q. The PSPO at this location has now been discontinued because the need for it has reduced; There has been a reduction in complaints by residents and businesses as well as reports from the local Safer Neighbour Teams and the Partnership Tasking Team.  The number of individuals that were at the location looking for work has also been reduced. 



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13 Responses to Cricklewood PSPO

  1. Art Fan says:

    Surely the reduction of complaints from residents and businesses was because of the PSPO in place?
    It’s times like this I feel like Cricklewood takes one step forward and 5 steps back.

  2. Janet Williams says:

    PSPO was a terrible way to deal with social issues.
    The campaign organisation Liberty is right to call for them to be abolished entirely. Great that its gone from Cricklewood.
    It was a shameful indictment upon the area.

    • Art Fan says:

      How would you suggest dealing with the anti social issues in Cricklewood?

      • Janet Williams says:

        Name the anti social issues.

        • Art Fan says:

          Loitering, alcohol drinking, drug dealing, begging, crackheads walking around harassing people.

          • John Adams says:

            PSPO had nothing to do with that random pile. Alcohol in Cricklewood? Like that’s new. Very few beggars, need police time not a PSPO. Loitering? Mustn’t stand around, got to keep moving, can’t stop to talk, sorry friend, police will nick me – you want that? Crackeads harassing? Been here years, hasn’t happened. Drug dealing? Not in the PSPO. Any evidence that PSPO touched crackheads, drug dealers, beggars? Thought not.

  3. Mister Ali says:

    Too many short stayers living in illegal conditions on the Chichele Road. This to me contributes to the anti social problems on the cricklewood broadway.

  4. Art Fan says:

    Ben – Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) are intended to deal with a particular nuisance or problem in a particular area that is detrimental to the local community’s qualify of life, by imposing conditions on the use of that area which apply to everyone. They are designed to ensure the law-abiding majority can use and enjoy public spaces without experiencing anti-social behaviour.

    The PSPO was designed to tackle the following issues in Cricklewood, which were raised by residents in the area:

    Migrant workers sleeping, erecting shelters and encampments in parks and green spaces,

    Criminal damage, extensive littering and defecating in parks and public spaces,

    Anti-social behaviour causing distress to local residents,

    Exploitation of the casual workers – low wages, no regulations or health and safety at work.

    The introduction of Dispersal Order’s covered the rest and worked.