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Cricklewood now really stands out from the crowd!

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A bold new work of art made by a Cricklewood sculptor has created a dramatic entrance to the town at Thameslink’s railway station.


Alistair Lambert is part of the Cricklewood Town Team which recently signed up to a station partnership with Thameslink.


Two weekends ago, 30 volunteers from the group cleared up the station’s overgrown bushes and planted a new bank of flowers as part of a wider plan to improve the area.


Now Alistair has put up a striking new sign behind the flower bed.


Station manager James Gillett said: “It’s a real work of art, it’s amazing. It’s all reclaimed scaffolding boards. He’s cut them, shaped them, painted them and bolted them together.


“The font is the same as the Cricklewood Town Team’s logo and it’s a really bold statement to say ‘We’re here, look at us! This station is an important part of the community.’ It puts Cricklewood station at the heart of the community where it belongs and shows that by working together we can do great things.”


Marie Hancock, lead member of the Volunteer Town Team for the station project confirmed how pleased the Town Team are about the partnership with the Station.  The bold Cricklewood sign confirms the branding across Cricklewood, most notably under the railway bridge and above the buildings on the Broadway.   Cricklewood artist, Alistair Lambert said: “”I like to think of all the hard work that those old boards have seen and how with a little care and imagination they can be reinvented for a whole new life…  just like Cricklewood itself! ”

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