Cricklewood Station Mural

Launch of mural at Cricklewood Station

A colour new mural at Thameslink’s Cricklewood Station is honouring Cricklewood’s rich heritage. Commissioned by NorthWestTWO RA working with Cricklewood artist, Alistair Lambert and funded by the GTR Govia Passenger Benefit Fund.

See the making of the mural on Alistair’s website.   Press release here

Video of the launch here with Alistair Lambert giving background to the artwork.


BTNews: Not the world’s first international airport, but nearly…

NorthWestTWO Residents’ Association is delighted to be working with local artist, Alistair Lambert on more artwork at Cricklewood Station.  NorthWestTWO RA want to bring a positive reaction for people entering or leaving Cricklewood and the array of artwork at the Station has been received very positively by local residents and businesses.    Thanks to the Passenger Benefit Fund and GTR Govia this is the first of several projects being delivered at Cricklewood Station

Photos of the project as the mural develops……………..also check out on Alistair Lambert’s instagram.

HandleyPage flight over cows at Clitterhousefarm.
Stencil draft taken from a photograph, to be incorporated into cricklewoodstationmural


Pearl White, well known american silent movie star, making the most of the photo op when about to take a drafty ride from Cricklewood to Paris in the former front gunner’s cockpit of an HP 0/400 conversion in 1920.
I love the look on pilot R.H.Mcintosh’s face. One of my favourite images found when researching Cricklewood Aerodrome.
She’ll be making an appearance in the cricklewood station mural.

Top team: Barbara starting to mark out the framework from a stencil whilst Debra @a_slow_stitch works on the colour scheme on the computer.
Laser cut stencil sheets are go!  So much easier than making out the whole thing by hand… I hope.  Photo of artist, Alistair Lambert
Still tweaking the colours layout. It’s so much easier digitally than in the real world.
Stencil image of one of the pilots flying from Cricklewood to Paris, taken from the 1923 silent film showing the trip.
You can view at
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