Cricklewood Station

The voluntary Cricklewood Town Team and residents, in partnership with Thameslink, Network Rail and Barnet Council are working on an “Adopt a Station” to improve and enhance Cricklewood Station in Cricklewood Lane.
Firstly, we are going to clear the site and remove graffiti and then flower up the entrance with planting.  We are going to install bespoke Cricklewood signage by Cricklewood artist, Alistair Lambert, as well as a Cricklewood Station Clock generously donated by Gerard Bendien, Brookpace Lascelles who are based in Cricklewood.  New frames have been installed along the railings entrance which will display art from local children.
The voluntary Cricklewood Town Team are looking for volunteers to help.  Contact:  town  

Before we can organise a planting/action day, can anyone advise on knotweed?  Network Rail have confirmed there is a spraying regime in place to keep the knotweed at bay.  What effect will the spraying have, if any, on any planting we do?   Email: or

Photo:  Cricklewood Town Team, Thameslink, Network Rail, Cricklewood Patrons “The King’s Parade”, Gerard Bendien of Brookpace Lacelles who donated Station Clock, Co-op Cricklewood Lane and SNT.

Photo credit:  Thomas Ball / Cricklewood Town Team

Lovely posting from The King’s Parade on their Facebook page:

It’s hard to get that neighbourhood feeling in a huge city like London but we’ve been lucky enough to find some amazing people with a goal of improving the community around them.

We’re proud to say we’re patrons of Cricklewood Town Team and we’re looking forward to supporting it in every way we can.

Go ahead and see what you can do for your town!

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