Development updates – March 2021

Concrete batching plant refused

Barnet planning committee went against their planning department’s recommendations and refused approval for the concrete batching plant.

We posted more about this in November. Briefly, the application was to set up a plant right behind Lidl, in the new Rail Freight Facility at 400 Edgware Road. It was going to make readymix concrete and send it out in about 50 to 60 mixer trucks every day.

Matalan development approved

Brent planning committee voted to approve building 238 residential units in three blocks on the Matalan site. We understand the developers won’t throw Matalan out until they’re ready to start work, which could easily be a year or two away.

There’s more about this on the Developments page.

Cricklewood Broadway & Hassop Road

The same developers have put in a planning application to refurbish 249-289 Cricklewood Broadway, add two storeys, convert all the upper floors into shared living-units, and refurbish the stretch of Hassop Road behind it.

There’s more about this and a bit about the history on that Developments page too.

The deadline for online comments on the planning application is 23 March Friday 7 May 2021.

17-storey hotel beside Wing Yip?

Amafhh Investments have put in their planning application for a 17-storey hotel plus conference centre at 403-405 Edgware Road.

Yes, there’s more about this and a bit of history too on the Developments page!

The deadline for online comments on the planning application is 26 March 2021 9 April 2021.

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