Gladstone Wildlife

Some of the events on the Gladstone Wildlife Facebook page:

 Morning Chorus Bird Walk  CHANGE OF DATE FOR DAWN CHORUS BIRD WALK: This is now on SUNDAY 8 May at 5.30 and NOT on Saturday 7 May.

EARLY MORNING bird walk in the park with leader Andrew Peel of the Marylebone Birdwatching Society who led a very successful walk last year. Andrew gives everyone a list of the most likely birds living in the park for you to tick off those found!! Email Helen to reserve a place:
Photo is of the rose-ringed parakeets in the park, possibly noisier than the hakas of the Comos rugby club.

Birds  Bird 2

 22 May at 5.30 pm – Evening Bird Walk

EVENING BIRD WALK. Andrew Peel’s second bird walk of the year to hear the nesting birds songs, maybe fewer heard than on the dawn chorus walk but perhaps at a better time for some!! Reserve a place by emailing Helen: Above photo is a song thrush on the walnut tree in the walled garden.


TREE WALK – 16 July at 11 am

Dr Alan Harrington is leading this particular walk, one of two scheduled. Above shows him on the walk last year measuring his favourite tree in the park, a golden sycamore which had grown 11 cm in 6 years. That tree is special to him as it is the only one he knows of in north London that hosts the rare Marble Screw moss, Syntrichia papillosa! To reserve a place on the walk, and Alan is particular regarding numbers, ie not too many people, email Helen:



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