Bulb planting and gardening

Cricklewood needs you!
Aim is to to tidy up the edge, reduce bark spill onto pavement and create a manageable strip of planting and colour in Cricklewood Lane by the railway bridge. Trying to disrupt the membrane as little as possible, or re-lay it where possible. This done by laying approx 20 treated timber ‘sleepers’ (not real, new softwood) some stacked as land drops toward bridge.
Thursday 10 Dec – Start a bit of prep digging around the edge and take delivery of approx 20 x treated timber ‘sleepers’. Any help welcome.
Friday 11 Dec – Position sleepers along edge, set back a bit, round to wonky box. Some stacked. All secured by driving a steel peg through them into the ground. The soil is back filed behind them, maybe some new soil added. Muscle needed for help with sleepers.
Saturday 12 Dec morning 9.30 – 11.30 am – Bulbs and some ground cover & bedding planted along new retaining edge in session. We have hundreds and hundreds of bulbs to plant. Does anyone have any periwinkle plants they would like to donate. Contact Alistair, al@alistairlambert.co.uk
Green fingers or all fingers and thumbs? It really doesn’t matter! All willing volunteers needed to help in Cricklewood Lane by railway bridge.
Cricklewood Town Team www.cricklewood.net
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