Hassop Road

This week in Hassop Road an operation, requested by Cllr Lia Colaccico, of parking enforcement actions with support from the police who also engaged directly with local owners.  

Veolia with support from Serco conducted a deep clean of Hassop Road removing waste and jet washing pavements.  

Missing parking signage was also identified to be replaced and where possible yellow lines were repainted.

 Long and short term initiatives are being looked at to address issues at this location.  


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One Response to Hassop Road

  1. John Adams says:

    Hassop Road looks great, such a shame about Ashford Road, Larch Road, Mora Road, Ivy Road, Cedar Road, Heber Road and St Michaels Road. When will they receive the SAME treatment?

    I walked behind a street cleaner yesterday who did absolutely nothing. And anyone with a pair of eyes can see nothing has been getting done for MONTHS.

    Does anyone walk these roads and not see what I see? I’m not special, just a council tax payer.

    Brent Council can make all the cuts they want, for whatever reason they choose. I don’t care. What I do care about is that I’ve been promised each road is to be cleaned ONCE a week. The roads aren’t being cleaned ONCE a week though, are they? That is fraud.

    A friend of mine ran a social experiment on getting Ashford Road cleaned many months ago. It took him THREE MONTHS to have the street obviously cleaned. And when it was cleaned, boy did it look clean.

    The problem we have in Brent is those representing us don’t even live in the area to experience the dirt we have to walk on.

    #DoSomething #NoTimeForExcuses #CouncillorSalary #Thousands