Hassop Road / Mora Road parking

Brent Council are proposing further restrictions on parking at the junction of Mora Road and Hassop Road as follows:


LOCATION: Mora Road/ Hassop Road
The Council has received complaints about vehicles parked at the above location. The complaints
are that parked vehicles cause obstruction, access and visibility difficulties at the junction of Mora
Road and Hassop Road.
Therefore we are proposing to introduce no loading ‘at any time’ restrictions at the junction of Mora
Road and Hassop Road.
Details are shown in the drawing number HD-SSWR (2018-19) shown overleaf.
The scheme is proposed mainly as a remedial measure, which will:
– Prevent obstructive parking at this section of the road.
– Improve visibility and accessibility for all vehicles including emergency services.
– Improve road safety for all other road users
As part of this consultation and the statutory process we are asking for your views on this proposal.
If you have any comments or objections please either write or e-mail Padideh Asgari (Principal
Engineer) at Transportation@brent.gov.uk quoting the reference HD-SSWR (2018-19) within 21 days from
the date shown on top of this letter.
Once all responses to this letter and the statutory consultation process have been considered a
decision on whether or not to implement the proposal will be made. Residents will be notified of
the outcome by letter.
Yours sincerely
Sandor Fazekas
Project Development Manager – Highways and Infrastructure

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