Local information and support

Local information and support

As well as the various support the government’s announced, the councils can give support too.


Brent Advice Matters has links to local and national advice and support of all sorts, about money, housing, abuse, concerns about children and more.

Brent council’s information and advice starts here. Their website also lists various support available for residents who may be experiencing hardship, including

  • If you know people who are struggling the council can offer Local Welfare Assistance.
  • Discretionary Housing Payments may be available to top-up housing-related benefit for a limited time to cover housing costs such as rent.
  • If residents are experiencing exceptional hardship they may be able to claim a discretionary reduction in Council Tax. Visit our website to find out if you qualify.
  • You have the right to pay your council tax over 12 months instead of 10 months, you must advise the council in advance. Contact the council by clicking here for more information.
  • We have the Council tax support scheme in place for residents on low income, more information can be found here.

The Brent and Kilburn Times is rising to the occasion with a wide range of local news and information.


Barnet council’s information and advice starts here. Support available includes

  • If you are struggling to meet a shortfall in your rent you may be able to get extra help from the council by applying for a ‘Discretionary Housing Payment’ (DHP) – click here.
  • Barnet’s Crisis Fund can help people who need extra help in an emergency or help to support or maintain themselves in the community following a stay in hospital or being released from prison – click here.
  • You can apply for a Council Tax Discretionary Relief (CTDR) if you are suffering from hardship due to exceptional circumstances and require help to meet your Council Tax liability – click here.

The Barnet Times has news from all over Barnet here.


Camden council’s information and advice starts here and has links to the financial support they can provide.
The Camden New Journal has news from all over Camden here.


The national Citizens Advice website has a special coronavirus page that’s being kept up-to-date with clear information, plus links to more information on their website and elsewhere.

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