Local Job Vacancy

Local Job Vacancy
CRM System Administrator/Developer. 
(Part Time, Undergraduate ITC Student or similar level/experience).
Data entry onto, and administration of, CRM system. Development of existing system, integration/replacement of third party applications. Consultation regarding business development using CRM system.
Job Description
In the first phase the employee will carry out data entry onto the customised CRM system (Salesforce) until familiar with current operations. Consult with senior staff on planning upgrades to the CRM system.In the second phase the employee will upgrade the system in stages whilst maintaining duties on data entry. Down the line scope for integration and replacement of other tools used by the company will be explored. Including app development and building of site records.
What we offer:
Training in administration and development of Salesforce. Flexible overtime, minimum 18 hours /week. (Paid holidays pro rata).
Opportunity for project management, and personal development.
Real world experience of IT use and development in field based maintenance business.
We ask:
  • A levels or equivalent
  • Information and Communications Technology student or graduate.
  • Organisational skills, time and task management.
  • Ability to independently research and develop.
  • Work independently and collaborate with the senior team.
  • Make proposals for IT and business development.
  • Experience.
Culkin Plumbing & Heating
Tel:  02030023737
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