Mapesbury Ward Panel

Mapesbury Ward Panel meeting: 11 Feb 2016. At Ashford Place
Present: Sgt Tim Vollrath, Angela Payne, Niall McGinley, Shaheen Mufti, Carol Reeman, Jacob Sam, Gerry Weston
Apologies; PC Jimmy O’Sullivan, Cllr Helen Carr, Cllr Lia Colacicco, John Doocey, Marie Hancock

1. Mapesbury SNT team members: Some new Officers in training in Brent and expect to get one of these at end march. Unlikely to get any PCSOs as no new being recruited in London. Also changes will mean that 3 sergeants for 6 wards so our sergeant will cover another ward as well (may or may not be Tim). Tim assisting project Equinox at Harlesden.
2. Current Priorities.
ASB. Problem at address in Sheldon Road. Person evicted but may be new problem recently.
Rainbow Park seems OK; quiet during winter – Brent have put on anti-climbing paint.
PSPO. Been successful for coaches once police threaten to impound the coach. Seems to have moved to drop-off / pick-up in Selco site east of Broadway. Enforcement on PSPO continuing; Brent keeping up their side
Consultation to extend PSPO underway (finishes end March). Has been a success (see above) but problems likely to re-cur if not continued. If goes ahead police will seek to tighten up wording.
Hassop Road. Meeting on 27 Jan with good attendance from businesses in the road. Hope that they have taken on board the issues. CCTV is installed. Businesses will try to get abandoned vehicles removed (can cause problems with people sleeping in them). Will seek to change residents parking permits to use by businesses.
3. Ward Crime Summary.
Burglary. North part and over 12 weeks has seen activity but recent 4 weeks low.
Robberies. No particular trend or concern currently.
Motor Vehicle Crime. 4 week rate looks average for the ward. Clare in Dollis Hill delivered vehicle prevention leaflets onto cars as part of Operation Venice. Scooters still favourite to steal.
4. Future Priorities
Maintained priorities as:
• Burglary;
• Robbery prevention

5. AOB
Angela raised issue of Dementia Friendly ward (first of Brent initiative on this). Tim on board with it; there are range of tools; tracking devices for people at risk. If find person at risk will normally liaise with Council / Social services

Next meeting. In May to be arranged later

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