Mapesbury Ward Panel

Mapesbury SNT Ward Panel Microsoft Teams meeting Notes: Monday, 6th December. 6:00pm 

(Hosted by PCSO Ajay Dhokia) 


The Chair, in line with security and confidentiality issues, reminded members that as the ward panel meeting is virtual, sensitive information cannot be disclosed.

  1. The Ward Panel approved the notes of the last online meeting that took place on Wednesday 22 September 2021.
  1. Matters Arising from Notes that are not on the agenda. 


  • Signal assisted pedestrian crossing at the top of Chichele Road /Broadway.  Cllr Colacicco raised the issue again with TFL and after an initial negative response, there are now ongoing discussions with TFL. 


  • E-scooters: currently there is a trial in central London. 

Raakesh and Andrew drew attention to the Brent consultation on Nuisance Vehicles and e-Scooters.  The link has been circulated by both NW2RA and MapRA newsletters. 


  1. SNT Feedback on Crime stats from May to August 2021 


Mapesbury SNT team members:  A/Inspector Yu Zhang (covering 21 wards), Sgt Anne Collyer (covering Mapesbury, Dollis Hill and Kilburn), PC Craig Landis and PCSO Ajay Dhokia 


Ward Crime Summary provided by Ajay and circulated to members prior to meeting.  Powerpoint presentation attached. 


Burglary. 16 incidents which is lower than last year. Some could be from garages or garden equipment. 


Motor Vehicle Crime. Currently an issue across the Met.  Many of these incidents are linked to Windmill Court.  When the issue there is resolved Ajay will analyse the incidents to see if there is a reduction.  Theft from MVs are items which have been left in cars. 


Drug Offences/Anti Social Behaviour.  Drug offences are similar to last year.  Patrols are in progress in partnership with the Violence Suppression Unit and Camden Council. 


All Crime Summary: 

The increase in Violence over the year could be domestic. 


Top 3 Most Reported Crimes in November 2021 

  • Theft from motor vehicle. 21 incidents reported with these mostly leisure and sports equipment, sat nav, laptops and theft of other electrical items and cash, cheques and credit cards being stolen. 
  • Harassment. 19 incidents reported ranging from domestic incidents to issues on the streets, some could be neighbours/domestic. 
  • Miscellaneous theft. 20 incidents, with most common points of entry being front, side or rear door and windows. Police have been doing patrols and have been dispensing crime prevention leaflets.

Virtual Panel Survey 

There was a higher response this time.  Responses showed a small number of critical concerns but there were significant number concerned about drugs, burglary and violence.  Ajay advised that Raakesh is involved as well as the Violence Suppression Team.  The weapons sweep finds are linked to drug dealing, when the weapons are used for protection. 


  1. Team Activity/ Recent initiatives  


  • Drugs warrant was executed at an address in Windmill Court in October due to continuing drug supply. This resulted in large amounts of drugs being seized and the occupant of the flat being arrested for drug supply.  
  • Brent Council and Mapesbury SNT have secured a full closure order for a flat in Windmill Court for 3 months that was causing a number of issues around anti-social behaviour and drug supply. This time limit can be extended if appropriate.  Following a discussion of the activity it was encouraging to hear about the way the community worked with the SNT. 
  • Crime prevention stall was set up at St Gabriel’s Church during Remembrance Day Service. A lot of engagement with many people who attended. James Yeates advised that his parishioners valued the engagement and he hoped the SNT could attend the Carol Service on 19 December at 18.30.  Members of the Ward Panel were also welcome. 
  • Crime Prevention stall was held on 19 November with Dawn Butler MP at the Co-op Walm Lane.  This provided a good opportunity to engage with residents and obtain useful information which helps to build reports on activities.  While there the SNT members were able to prevent a shop lifting incident. 
  • The team conduct weapon sweeps around areas which highlight violence, this also allows officers to engage with residents.
  1. Metropolitan Police ward panel handbook dated May 2021 which had been circulated to all members and partners with the agenda. 


The Chair advised the handbook had been circulated to all Ward Panels with the aim of being used to refresh all NW BCU ward panels from 01 January 2022, as required by the Borough Commander.   Councillors and council officers are described as Partners in this Handbook.  There was a need to ensure that all Ward Panels in Brent are working in a similar manner. 

 It should be noted that the Mapesbury Ward Panel Boundary changes do not come into force until May 2022 – so current membership will continue until the end of April 2022.  From May any member who would be in a different panel area will be transferred to the nearby Ward Panel. 


  1. Issues raised by the ward. 


Blenheim Gardens incident.  This stabbing at the beginning of November was a case of mistaken identity.  The victim had 2 superficial wounds; he does not live in the area. 


Flasher in Cricklewood.  The unpleasant event during daytime was reported immediately to the police following the incident when the person was located.  He was a serial offender who was recalled to prison the day after the incident.  A case is being developed to keep him in prison.  Another member advised of a similar incident occurring in the evening and was pleased to know that the police followed up with the victim with several reassuring phone calls. 


In discussion it was agreed that whilst women are the victims and need to keep themselves safe, it is also important that men realise the effect their nearby presence can have on women particularly at night.   


Ajay advised that it is important to report all such sexual incidents as each report can build a better picture of a perpetrator.  The Time, Location and a Description is needed.  Officers can then go to the area and see if anyone is behaving in a similar manner on other days, which is often the case with such people.

  1. Community Contact Sessions. 

Ajay reported that they were working well.  He is happy to do 1:1 or a small group of residents.  They do not work well if too many.  He gets good feedback and the information acquired can help to get an arrest. 


  1. SNT Priorities for next quarter.  


The Priority set by the SNT is – Violence, which will incorporate burglary, sexual offences, motor vehicle crime and stabbing. 


Following discussion, it was agreed that the following 3 priorities will be added: 

Burglary, Motor Vehicle Crime and Anti Social Behaviour/Drugs. 


  1. Any Other Business 


The Chair thanked members and partners of the Ward Panel and the SNT for their work and wished everyone the best wishes for the Festive Season.

  1. Next meeting: March 2022 – the date will be set in February and the decision as to whether online or in person will be agreed with the Ward Panel at that time. 

Communication summary 

  • 999 for high level crime in progress including Domestic Violence and issues of concern 
  • Use Crime-stoppers – 0800 555 111 – to anonymously submit crimes and incidents. 
  • Need people to be specific in reporting addresses / vehicles – not helpful to say just street name.  Make sure add details of address when reporting. 
  • To report various crimes as well as anti-social behaviour can be done online at Put as much detail as possible when reporting ASB or crime online and the exact circumstances and location.  
  • SNT online – Email to SNT is the best form of contact: but not for urgent matters as not covered 24/7. 

Telephone: 07398 454898.   


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