Mapesbury Ward Panel Meeting report

Mapesbury Ward Panel meeting: Monday 15 April 2019. 6pm at Ashford Place 


Present:  A/PS Anne Collyer, PC Edward Clements, PCSO Ajay Dhokia, Mary Rock, Ranjiv Goonawardena, Priscilla Muyunda, Marie Hancock, Cllr Ahmed Shahzad, Angela Payne, Su Fernando, Vinay Kelly, Suzanne Bernie, Anna Birrane, Shaheen Mufti, Raakesh Shah, Gerry Weston (chair) 

Apologies: Cllr Lia Colacicco, Natasha Harris, Anne Lane, Jacob Sam 


  1. Mapesbury SNT team members: As last time – Inspector Forster (covering 21 wards), A/PS Anne Collyer (covering Mapesbury, Dollis Hill and Kilburn), PC Edward Clements (Mapesbury Ward officer), PCSO Ajay Dhokia.
  2. Ward Crime Summary 

Burglary. Significant decrease in activity compared to the summer of 2018 (with peaks in August and September 2018). One multipurpose property in Chichele Road had multiple incidents. SNT working with landlord and property agent.   

Motor Vehicle Crime. Reduced from high level in December (attributed to Xmas with goods on display in cars). 15 cases of theft from vehicles – predominantly due to items left on display in vehicles. Common items stolen include cash, cheques, credit cards, satnavs, laptops, other electrical items and documents. Some CCTV footage of one particular person obtained. 

Drug OffencesDrug activity in ward has been low and steady. 6 arrests made in March 2019 – all of them involving possession. 

All crime (March 2019). Crime counts of Arson and Criminal Damage, Burglary, Theft, Vehicle Offences and Violence against the Person. Some incidents of Drug Offences, Public Order Offences  and Robbery. One case of Weapons Possession and two cases of Sexual Offences.   

Top 3 Most Reported Crimes (Feb 2019) 

  • Theft from Vehicle (12 reported incidents) 
  • Miscellaneous Theft (18 reported incidents)  
  • Harassment (13 reported incidents) – These include neighbour and domestic disputes  


  1. 3. Team Activity
  • A Section 23 Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 warrant on Keyes Road in relation to drug dealing. Articles found for cultivation of cannabis. Site was being prepared for drug delivery. SNT effectively closed down drug operation before it started. 
  • Crime prevention meeting with residents of Watling Gardens due to concerns about ASB activity on the estate. SNT will see what can be done to improve the place. HMO involved (along with translators) and there are currently no further problems. 
  • Patrols around Chichele Road which is currently a hotspot of ASB, stemming from one particular address. SNT working with the landlord to deal with this matter. CCTV also being used. 
  • Larch Road situation has been mostly resolved. SNT supporting landlord and working alongside charity to help them. 
  1. 4. Other Business
  • Hassop Road – Transport police and council have been removing uninsured and discarded vehicles.  
  • Blenheim Gardens – One house reported by local resident as being a drug den.   
  • Incident at a property at Blenheim Gardens – 5 men broke in and ransacked place. Reported by a local resident. PC Clements will look into this and will see if anything can be done. Surprised that SNT not already aware. (SNT say they are not always kept in the picture; best to alert them too) 
  • Assaults near Willesden Green Station. Incidents usually take place on Friday and Saturday nights. Patrols taking place. Warn people to be especially alert (not on phone) 
  • Begging activity on rise on Cricklewood Broadway, with some living on the B&Q/Barnet site – SNT to patrol and sweep. 
  • Ring Doorbells recommended as a great surveillance method that provides real time video footage (when visitor at door) and pics sent to cloud service when activity takes place in front of the property (all sent across WiFi) 
  1. 5. Communications

999 for high level crime in progress. 

Use Crimestoppers – 0800 555 111 – to anonymously submit crimes and incidents. 

Action Fraud – 0300 123 2040 

Need people to be specific in reporting addresses / vehicles – not helpful to say just street name.  Make sure add details of address when reporting 

SNT online – Email to SNT is the best form of contact: 

(SNT do not give out a contact number as they are not 24/7; people still report crimes by leaving voice messages on the phone which is not the right methodl 

To report various crimes as well as anti-social behaviour  can be done online at Please put as much detail as possible when reporting ASB or crime online and the exact circumstances and location.  

New Communications system ‘Online Watch-Link’ to be available very soon where SNT can post bulletins and residents can report incidents. 


  1. 7. SNT Priorities for next 3 months. Retained as:
  • Burglary 
  • Motor Vehicle crime 
  • Anti-Social Behaviour / Drugs   

Next meeting:  Date Mon 22 July – 6pm at Ashford Place.  

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