Minho Kim, Cricklewood gardener

Minho Kim is a gardener living in North West London. His blog Tiny London Garden was originally started to document the making-over of his own garden but has quickly become a fascinating and popular record of his gardening works, plant observations and admiration of plants encountered in the area!

“Gardening is gentle, creative, beautiful and personal. Whenever I am on a train, I look at people’s back garden along the railway. I imagine people quietly looking after their garden. It’s beautiful.”

Contact Minho on 07838710422 or minho-kim@hotmail.fr.

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Minho’s top 5 gardening tips

1) Mulch thickly in early spring with some organic matter, such as compost or manure. This is one thing I would do if I can do only ‘one’ thing for any garden.

2) Right plant, right place. Do a good amount of research before purchasing a plant. Ask a specialist for advice, or research on the internet.

3) Keep newly-planted plants well-watered for at least 6 months until they are established. After that, they will look after themselves.

4) Invest in good soil. That humble soil bears your flowers, leaves, fruits and vegetables. Break it over if compacted and add as much compost as you can.

5) Plant densely. Dense planting is one of the most effective way to deter weed growing. If you like a plant, get three of them and make a dense clump. If you are planting up a bed, crowd the bed first, then pick and choose what you like and dislike.

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