Our Neighbourhood Street Party

Our Neighbourhood Street Party on Sunday 3 June at 12.00 to 6.00pm!
We are going to have an amazing neighbourhood street party. A few highlights – we have two stages with musicians performing a combined 12 hours of live music, loads of craft activities for kids from T-shirt painting to train making, dance sessions, sports activities including badminton and archery(!), flower garlanding, apple bobbing, a bouncing castle for little ones, brilliant Cricklewood Library workshops, poetry, a heritage project capturing video selfies and more!
So, start planning what food and drink you will bring to the party. Tables and chairs will be provided along the length of the party zone so there will be a place for you to set out your food and drink and relax. The theme of our party is celebrating our global diversity – so go crazy and make your favourite foods from any country you like. Please create a label for your culinary delights and state if nuts are included. We will supplement your food and drinks with some coffees, beers and ice creams.
If you haven’t already, get on and order/buy your flags to decorate the street and wave. You can bring any flag dear to your heart – national, city, rainbow peace and love and so on. Let’s make the street a riot of colour and celebrate our amazing collection of genes, heritage and passions.
If you haven’t already volunteered and would like to get involved in activities on the day, let us know. You can reply back to this mail.
Bring your friends and family – we are going to have a great party!
On behalf of the organising team,
Alec, Marco, Galya and Marie

Supported by NorthWestTWO Residents Association, Brent’s Love Where you Live and local businessesCheck out Cricklewood Library events being launched at the Neighbourhood Party.

There is something for everyone

Our 2018 Neighbourhood Street Party

You may have already heard – we are going to have a street party this year! Here is the plan so far:

Sunday 3 June 2018 at 12.00-6.00pm
on Olive Road (section between Agave/Sneyd and St Michaels).

Everybody in the local area and their friends and family are invited to come and enjoy the live music and dance, children’s activities, food, drink and community friendship.

We will be celebrating our global diversity at our street party. Bring food and drink typical of your national background (we will provide you with a table) and your national flag, so your neighbours can taste your cuisine and see your flag decorate the street.

If you would like to get involved in any aspect of the party organisation and things on the day, let us know. Email: Marco marco@marcosmith.com or northwesttwo@gmail.com

So put the date in your diary and invite your neighbours and friends. We are going to have a great party!

On behalf of the organising team,
Marco, Alec, Galya and Marie

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