New dates for BXC station & Broadway junction

Meeting with Brent Cross Cricklewood developers

On March 22nd, about 40-50 residents went to a meeting with representatives from Barnet Council, the two developers (Hammersons and Argent Related) and Soundings who have been brought in by Argent to engage with residents in the area.

  • Residents of Brent Terrace were anxious and angry about a new Compulsory Purchase Order on land they’d thought was going to remain green space. Apparently this land is required to build the bridge over the railway. It’s not needed for the bridge itself, so will it be returned to green space for the use of the residents after construction? It was not at all clear.
  • Pollution monitoring in the development area shows particulate levels already double the legal maximum.
  • The waste handling station will be built, but North West London Waste Authority still hasn’t decided if they want the incinerator-that-must-not-be-called-an-incinerator.
  • The new station is to be built much sooner than originally planned. The new target opening date is 2021-2022, but contracts haven’t been signed yet. Barnet are dealing with this, not the developers.
  • The “widening” of the Cricklewood Lane / Cricklewood Broadway junction is set for 2017.

A lot of other questions were raised and promises made to “get back to you on that”. We don’t know how that will work. Perhaps Barnet and the developers could put the answers and updates on a website where we can all see them?

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