Newsletter – new email address

Our newsletters will now show as the sender. You might want to “whitelist” that address to make sure the newsletters aren’t treated as spam.

Why have we changed?

Before email reaches you, it’s often automatically checked to make sure it’s really come from the address it says it has. Our newsletter could get blocked as fake because it really comes from Mailchimp’s system, not directly from our usual We don’t have much control over that but we do have control over our own address. We’ve set things up so that our newsletters will now be properly authenticated. If you’re curious about the technical details of that, there’s an article here.

Of course, if you have very strict spam-filtering, the newsletters might still get blocked unless you add to your whitelist.


If you ever want to respond to the newsletter, you can just click “Reply”. Emails to will reach us and emails to will too.

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