Please support our Cricklewood Clean up efforts

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Working with local councillors we are looking at ways of using the limited resources more effectively by reporting directly to the utility companies or local businesses and asking them to take responsibility. Network Rail will not remove the high level graffiti on the Cricklewood bridge.  If you would like to help with some “people power” (as NorthWestTWO residents did in 2009 when the bridge by Wickes was cleaned of graffiti) please email Network Rail, who usually respond saying contact the Council, but Barnet do not have the resources or the equipment for what is the responsibility of Network Rail.  If it helps, copy and paste email below and send to Mark Carne, CEO, Network Rail  –
Cricklewood has recently undergone a lot of improvements instigated by volunteer residents which included several enhancements to the Network Rail bridge by Crickelwood Station such as new lights, signage and cleaning of the brickwork which, unfortunately, did not give the result that was hoped, albeit at a considerable cost.

However, despite repeated requests for removal of the high level graffiti on the bridge, it remains.  Barnet Council neither have the resources or the equipment and advise it is not their responsibility anyway. 

Please support the efforts to improve Cricklewood and arrange for the high level graffiti on Cricklewood bridge (SPC1-40 A407 Cricklewood Lane) to be removed as it is an eyesore, together with the nearby bridge at Staples Corner( SPC1 – 43 Welsh Harp, A5 Edgware Road) which is covered in graffiti.

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