Safety plans for top end of Cricklewood Broadway

Brent Council say they know of 29 accidents in three years on just the top end of Cricklewwod Broadway, from Kara Way past Mora Road and Temple Road up to Longley Way! Eight involved pedestrians, five involved cyclists, twelve involved motorcycles. So they’ve drawn up plans for an number of measures and now they’re consulting on them. The measures include

  • Yellow box junctions at various points
  • A cycle lane on one side
  • Raising Longley Way at the junction
  • Antiskid surfacing up to and across the junction with Temple Road
  • Vehicle-activated speed signs.

The yellow box junctions would each only be on one side of the Broadway and they wouldn’t all reach right across the side-roads. The one outside Temple Road would just keep the entrance into Temple Road clear, not the exit. The Longley Way one wouldn’t cover the slip roads. The Mora Road one would go right across the junction and so would one at the top end of Gratton Terrace, almost opposite Longley Way.

The cycle lane would be the “advisory” sort, marked with dotted lines and pictures of bicycles. There wouldn’t be any physical barriers and drivers wouldn’t have to stay out of it.

Click here for the plans, here for the consultation letter and here to respond to the consultation (or you can download the questionnaire here).

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