Save Cricklewood Health Centre

Dear Residents, 

5,700 registered patients of the Cricklewood walk-in centre GP surgery have received a letter over the last week explaining that the future of the surgery is uncertain. Residents are being asked to participate in a consultation which states the health centre may be put up for tender or shut. I have been in conversation with the management of the centre who have advised that the consultation will determine whether the GP surgery remains open or will close. The consultation runs until the end of July. 

I want to be very clear that the future of the health centre is separate to any redevelopment of the Co-op site. The surgery could be housed in a new development or other space could be found locally. 

Starting in August, the walk-in urgent care provision is also up for consultation. This will concern many more residents as the walk-in facility is always busy and well used. I have been speaking with Cllrs Liz Dixon, Lia Colaccicio and Tariq Dar from the Brent side of Cricklewood on this issue as the closure of the walk-in centre will have a big impact on their residents. 

Residents can respond to the initial consultation in relation to the GP surgery by emailing:

As a Cricklewood resident I understand how vital the health centre is. With Ravenscroft Surgery in consultation to move to Finchley Memorial, we would be losing two GP surgeries who take a large number of patients from either end of the Childs Hill ward. Residents tell me they use the walk-in centre when their own surgeries don’t have appointment times. It is unclear who would take the patients registered at the Cricklewood GP practice with local surgeries already over capacity. 

Please feel free to contact me or councillors on the Brent side with questions but do take the time to respond to the consultation. 


Kind regards,

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