Tree Stump

Tree Stump Removal Programme

I am pleased to inform you that we have secured funding to remove in the region of 600 tree stumps currently located around the borough. The programme commenced from 3rd July and will take approximately 25 weeks to complete. The footway, where stumps are to be removed, will be reinstated like for like; this means slabs will be replaced with slabs and asphalt with asphalt.

Below is a scheduled programme of work to provide you with an indication of when the contractor will be working in your ward. You will appreciate this is subject to change, as some locations may take longer than anticipated if obstructions are encountered.

Due to financial constraints, the council is not able to replace the trees but we continue to explore ways to obtain funding for replacing trees in future. In the meantime, we are offering residents the opportunity to sponsor a tree.

They can contact us by email: or by phone: 020 8937 5050. The cost to sponsor a tree is £250 and our Tree Officer will discuss the range of suitable tree species to choose from and agree the location of the new tree. The replacement tree does not have to be the same location as the old tree stump. Please visit should you require further information regarding our Sponsor a Tree scheme. Planting season for trees is between October and March so there is sufficient time to process applications.





Dollis Hill




Dudden Hill


Willesden Green




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One Response to Tree Stump

  1. John Adams says:

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea for all the weeds to be removed from all the pavements and kerbsides in Mapesbury? Some of the roads around me like Mora Road, Cedar Road, Ivy Road, Briar Road are a disgrace. Does everyone just pay Council Tax and accept your street will not be cleaned every week?

    And to the local resident fly tippers on Mora Road, Larch Road and Cedar Road, please stop.