We had a great party!

This party is dedicated in loving memory of Darren Woolford, our street parties graphic designer and more importantly friend, husband and daddy.

We hope you had a great time today at our neighbourhood street party!

This is our third street party in 6 years and it was our best by far.  In part this was due to the incredible music and activities, but it’s also because we are an incredible community forged together in friendships and a desire to make our little patch of London special.  So thanks for bringing out the neighbourhood today!  

We’d also like to say a few special thank you’s to all who made this party happen.  Firstly, we must thank our amazing musicians and dancers who gave us 12 hours of beautiful and uplifting live music and dance!  Secondly, we’d like to thank all of our sponsors and partners who donated money, their time, their goods and services – all listed below.

Special thank you to all who have given up their time to organise this event and make it happen today. Marco & Galya – it was their idea to have a Street Party in 2012 for the Jubilee, and today was the 3rd Party and they just get better each time., Santa, Sarah, Andy, Denise, Puja, Jayne, Juliet, Veronique, Stephen and the Cricklewood Baptist Church team, Busy Rascals and the kids team who organised the most amazing children’s activities, Sally, Annie, Wendy, Alistair and team from Cricklewood Library for their wonderful workshops, Alec who brilliantly ran the show as our overall leader and to Marie who as ever, made the incredible happen with Carol, Ben, Anne, Terry, Puja and Tony at NorthWestTWO Residents Association.

Galya, Marco, Alec and Marie

(on behalf of the organising committee)





Photos below by Derek Adams and capture the day perfectly

Supported by our fantastic NorthWestTWO Residents Association and Brent’s Love Where you Live, Cricklewood Library, Ashford Place, Culkin Plumbing, Living Spring, Busy Rascals, Mind Body Soul Energy, Baby Sensory, Monkey Music, Munro’s Store, Parkinson Farr, Decathlon, Cricklewood Baptist Church, St Gabriel’s Church, Cricklewood Market, Claremont School, Moncada Brewery, Cricklewood Coffee, Bottega di Anna, The Queensbury, The Social, Delipodhub, Print Sign Design, Excelsior Graphic Designers, Bonita Keki Bakery, Wright Family Fruit and Veg, Sainsbury’s, Coop, Tesco, Matalan, Guinot, Cutting Crew, Kiln Cinema, Nest, Beer + Burger and Flipout.    

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