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Hi Ladies, if you are Post Natal or a woman in her 40s and you feel that your body is changing, please check out my Facebook page.www.facebook.com/karenapplesonfitness

Loads of info coming about these 2 amazing times in a woman’s life. Not always straightforward to get the best advice but if you are looking to stay/get fit and strong through these times please have a look. I teach Buggy Classes, Pilates, Bootcamp Circuits and look at the 3rd Age time from a WHOLE woman perspective, taking into account fitness, meditation, stretching, nutritional intake and a whole lot more…Thank you

Karen has been teaching Exercise and Pilates for many years and honing techniques to get the best from her clients. She works specifically with the body in front of her and takes the work beyond the body and into the realms of the whole self. Using Pilates and Circuits she gets her clients to feel strong and lengthened and fitter, increasing awareness and understanding of their own body. Working with Post Natal women and those wishing to make long lasting changes.
Take a look at her website karenappleson.com and contact her at karen@karenappleson.com
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