Mapesbury SNT

Mapesbury Ward Panel meeting: Monday 9th October 2017. 6pm at Ashford Place 

Present: Sgt Stuart Colman, PC Christoferson Barnachea, PC Jack Chapman, PCSO Ajay Dhokia, Jacob Sam, Poppy Simister, Carol Reeman, Anne Lane (Blenheim Neighbourhood Watch Group), Marie Hancock, Shaheen Mufti, Gerry Weston (chair). (Notes by Shaheen)


Apologies: Cllr Lia Colacicco, Cllr Helen Carr, Angela Payne, Natasha Harris


  1. Mapesbury SNT team members: Sgt Stuart, PC Christoferson Barnachea, PC Jack Chapman (replacing PC Sophia Adams), PCSO Ajay Dhokia.


  1. Team Activity.

Burglar caught in the act on Chichele Road NW2 – Suspect admitted two other burglaries

Full Crack House Closure,Windmill Court – Prostitution and drug activity ceased. Suspect evicted on 12 September.

Gladstone Park/Oman Avenue (Drugs and cash found) – Issues involving loitering, mopeds, drug handling and supply- all taking place during the day and night. Ongoing investigation.

Drugs warrant executed on Oaklands Road NW2 – Large quantity of drugs found in flat and cash seized. Investigation continues

Drugs warrant executed on Howard Road (Cannabis Factory) – Evidence of activity based on smell and movement. Flat cleared before warrant issued and residence searched.

Ongoing Dispersal Order around Gladstone Park and surrounding roads. Will cover on late shift.

The Gladstone Park Arsonist – Arsonist igniting trees, bins, dry wood and leaves. Perpetrator caught and on remand. Sentencing due later this month.


  1. Ward Crime Summary

All crime – Activity predominantly along the A5 and along Chichele Road.

Burglary – Zero occurrence report at the last meeting was due to a technical error. Slight increase in activity over the past 3 months.

Robberies – Slight increase – 7 over the last 3 months compared to 4 incidents over the three months prior.

Motor Vehicle Crime – Significant increase over the past 3 months all across the ward. Predominantly theft from vehicles. Slight decrease in actual theft of motor vehicle. Interference has increased by only one incident compared to the preceding three months.

  1. Future Priorities for next 3 months
  • Motor Vehicle Crime
  • Anti Social Behaviour
  • PSPO




  1. AOB


SNT Twitter up and running –. Frequent posts. 93 followers over 4 days. Follow @MPSMapesbury

Phone no 101. Poor response. Police advise to ring 999.


Migrant workers along Chichele Road – Operation has not taken place for a while, however if activity persists/increases, operation will resume.


Vehicle vandalism on Anson Road – Vehicles ‘keyed’. To be investigated. SNT can issue ‘tamper-proof’ screws for vehicle users to use as a deterrent against vehicle number plate theft.


Car doors being ‘tested’ – Predominantly young men. Residents instructed to report immediately.


Prostitution along Anson Road – To be investigated.


Door knockers – Man knocking on door late at night- whilst coughing and spluttering, before moving further down the road to knock elsewhere. Vulnerable/elderly victims are potential targets. Residents are instructed to dial 999 and report immediately. Possible artifice burglar.


Public Indecency in Rainbow Park – Sexual activity taking place during daytime hours. To be investigated.


New Year’s Eve Crime Prevention Campaign – Material to be provided to public at Willesden Green Station.


Operation ‘Bumblebee’ – Annual operation. To take place later this month.


Next meeting:
Monday 22 Jan, 6pm at Ashford Place.


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