The Great Cricklewood Selfie


Art critic from the scrachi gallery!                  Kevin Vincenzo Keating, Cricklewood artist and curator of the silhouette project.

Commissioned by NorthWestTWO

Video of the day:

Cricklewood’s 120-foot selfie

The silhouettes of Cricklewood locals now runs the whole length of a passage off Cricklewood Broadway.

Cricklewood artist, Kevin Vincenzo Keating was commissioned by NorthWestTWO Residents’ Association to produce a mural as part of their 10th birthday celebrations. They picked the passage that runs from the Broadway to Sylvan Grove, Krarr of 12 Dry Cleaners kindly gave permission for their wall to be used, and Kevin decided to really involve local people in the project. The call went out, passers-by joined with Kevin to prepare the wall, and the mural was created. It took the whole day. Families arrived, residents came to take a look and people walking on the Broadway joined in. Kevin and his team captured their silhouettes and many then painted them in themselves. It was a glorious freestyle collaborative event with a great atmosphere which didn’t finish until 10.30 that night and has left a unique group selfie of Cricklewood.

NorthWestTWO Residents’ Association have been working tirelessly to improve life in Cricklewood in many different ways. Their free weekly newsletter goes to 500 people a week and lately they’ve been at the forefront of the campaign to stop a road/rail aggregates and spoil superhub being built opposite Cricklewood bus garage.

Kevin says that he hopes that the artwork will help brighten up the area and locals reclaim their alley. It’s been becoming a marginal and badly lit area finding uses that are hardly in the interests of the residents. He add that it was a great honour to have worked on such an exciting project and hopes that Brent will step up its efforts to include more visual art in its agenda.

Thanks to Brent Council who contributed to this project with funds from the Love Where You Live campaign.  




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