Planning Application

Our understanding is that the aggregate transfer site was approved by Barnet as part of the Brent Cross/Cricklewood Regeneration outline planning permission some time ago. However, a new application has been lodged with Barnet Planning seeking permission for temporary works for 18 months for the aggregate transfer site.

The application is open for comments until  5 April. The site is just north of the Railway Terraces, opposite Matalan on the railway sidings. The most immediate impact  is likely to be increased vehicular traffic on Cricklewood Broadway but also poor air quality resulting from transferring aggregate in an area already suffering with air quality issues. The approved planning application has conditions attached such as keeping the aggregate covered. The new planning application does not make reference to such conditions.

The following links provide some further information:—planning-update-2017.pdf


The proposal
a rail freight transfer site: aggregate and building materials will arrive by train (initially 3 trains a week), and be loaded on to HGV lorries for transportation to building sites in North London. There is provision for up to 18 lorry journeys per hour from 6am-6pm six days a week.

The concerns
light pollution
lack of consultation
the risk that once permission has been given for a temporary 18 month facility, it will be easy to make planning permission for the site permanent, and extend the site to the south, so that it comes right up to the perimeter of the terraces

Requests for
Acoustic screening protecting the Terraces from noise
A roof on the facility protecting us from dust
Enforcement regime to be set up to ensure compliance with conditions of operations
Closer engagement with residents

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