Shape Brent

The council has started work on a new Local Plan which will shape how the borough is developed in the future.

We are consulting on a Brent Local Plan ‘Issues and Options’ document.  This sets out the key future development challenges for Brent and options of how we might address them.  The Issues and Options document is informed by consultation undertaken in 2017 and asks a number of further detailed questions.  The consultation period is from 8th February – 22nd March 2018.  The consultation document and summary of consultation to date is available at

To respond to the consultation you can complete an on-line survey here.  In addition there is the potential to respond by commenting on specific places in the borough here using an interactive map.

We would encourage you to complete the on-line version of the questions. This will make it easier for us collect and analyse responses, saving time and allowing us to take forward the Plan quicker. Alternatively, you can respond by e-mail, or by post.


Post: Paul Lewin, Team Leader Planning Policy, Brent Council, Engineers’ Way, Wembley, HA9 0FJ


If not completing the consultation questionnaire, please make it very clear which part(s) of the document you are commenting on, ideally referencing by paragraph and question number. 


Hard copies of the documents are available at Brent Civic Centre and Brent Libraries for viewing on request.


If you require any assistance or want to get in contact about the consultation then please send an e-mail to or via Twitter @Brent_Council using #shapebrent



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