Street Cleaning


In 2014 we entered into a new waste collection and street cleaning contract with Veolia. This contract changed the way our streets were swept. Previously, individual streets were swept on a specific day, and you could search our website to find your sweeping day. Now, however, streets are swept according to the need and the expected volume of litter.  For example, our high streets are swept daily, but a residential street with little expected litter may only be swept every two weeks.


Our expected standards of street cleansing for all streets can be found here: The aim is never to fall below B


If you believe that your street needs sweeping, you can make a request through our Cleaner Brent app. If you don’t have the app, you can download it from this page,

Our street cleaning programme

 When cleaning the streets we work with our contractors to:  

  • ensure that Zone One roads (generally town centres) are cleaned between 7am and 10pm every day
  • ensure that the cleanliness of our streets never drops below a grade B standard (see below about grading standards for litter on highways)
  • remove dead animals from the public highway
  • empty litter bins when they are 75 per cent full
  • make sure that all our refuse and recycling contractors leave the street clean and tidy after emptying your bins and boxes
  • clean gullies (roadside gutters and drains)
  • make sure that streets and roads are kept clean, tidy and free from graffiti
  • clean all street furniture (including signs, benches and bollards) at least twice a year.

Leaf clearance

Our crews will be working in areas of the borough with the most trees and heaviest leaf fall from Monday 30 October onwards to clear the pavements of leaves. 

Emergency clean up

Spillages on the highway are highly dangerous and can cause serious road traffic accidents and they are expensive to clean up.


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