Sheldon Lodge

In between Sheldon Road, Anson Road and Chichele Road, hidden behind the houses and their gardens, there’s a house called Sheldon Lodge, reached from a long narrow driveway on Sheldon Road. We’ve just heard about a planning application to build four three-bedroom houses in its garden (the existing house would stay too).

Building in gardens was one kind of housing development that particularly worried people from across Brent at the council’s Stakeholders Meeting consulting on the Brent Local Plan. Here we have a proposal to build a block of four three-storey houses right up against the neighbours’ back gardens in a site with really poor access.

The planning application documents are on the Brent website here and you can make comments on the application here. The deadline was this Wednesday 23rd August, but on Monday it was extended to Monday 11 September 2017. If you’ve not responded to a planning application before – and maybe even if you have – you may find Brent Concil’s guide “How to comment on a planning application” helpful. It explains the different types of objections that are normally considered and the kinds that usually aren’t.

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