Waste Transfer Station – how much traffic?

Barnet have changed the traffic forecasts for the Waste Transfer Station; they say it will have less impact than they predicted. Why? Partly it’s because they now want to keep it open until 7pm, which they think will spread out the load. But mainly it’s because they originally used the amount of waste that the site will be licenced for: 260,000 tonnes a year. Now they’re only assessing it for 75% of that, 195,000 tonnes a year, because that’s the “highest anticipated waste demand”.

This site will be pemanent. It will be physically capable of taking more waste, it will be licenced to take more waste and one day, using it to full capacity may be seen as more cost-effective and even as the best use of council funds. We believe the planning committee has to consider that as a very real possibility and cannot approve the application on the starry-eyed assumption that the transfer station will never be fully used.

The new deadline for comments of 27 August is rushing up and we gather that the application will go to the planning committee on 5 September 2018 (apologies for showing the wrong date before).

The Barnet website is open for comments and you can use it whether or not you’ve already commented.

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