Dust, dirt and Donoghue’s

Forwarded from Golders Green Estate Residents’ Association about the problems just across the railway from the proposed road/rail superhub at 400 Edgware Road.
Over the last 10 years, Donoghue’s Waste Management & Transfer site has grown into a multi-million pound business situated in the heart of our residential area and blighting our lives. The company contract waste themselves and it is understood they outsource their waste management services to other operators. The whole of Cricklewood is choked up with juggernauts, lorries and skips going to and from Donoghues. On a recent count, there were 2 Donoghue trucks travelling up The Vale every 2 minutes leaving in their wake a trail of dirt, muck and debris. It is like living on a huge industrial runway. Dust blankets the whole area and it is unimaginable what the tiny lungs of school children are ingesting along with the frail lungs of residents of the local care home. The residents of Handley Grove  have a myriad of respiratory problems and one wonders why? Conversations with neighbours reveal many have constant phlegm. The Golders Green Estate Residents Association have been working tirelessly to have Donoghue’s relocated to a more suitable site, but still we suffer.
Donoghue’s has a permit with a daily restrictions of 400 tonne but they appear to circumvent this with Part B Exemptions. On top of this, enforcement is slow and complicated. Let this be a warning to our dear neighbours on the other side of the track to fight with every bone in their body to resist any similar business and do not be comforted by promises of licence restrictions. Learn from our experience.

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2 Responses to Dust, dirt and Donoghue’s

  1. R.Ali says:

    “Over the last 10 years, Donoghue’s Waste Management & Transfer site has grown into a multi-million pound business”

    It’s NW2 Residents Association 10 year anniversary.

    Who’s working harder and achieving more in NW2?

  2. Ben says:

    It’s hard to tell what someone means when they ask rhetorical questions. This one might mean “Donoghue’s making profits of well over £1million a year so the residents should shut up and suffer, and their councillors and MP can shut up too”, but that would be daft.