Road schemes and travel initiatives 2018/2019 – any ideas?

Brent Council are putting together proposals for “schemes and initiatives to improve transport infrastructure and travel behaviour in Brent” to be funded by Transport for London in 2018/2019. These are usually fairly small-scale schemes such as crossings, road markings (cycle lanes, box junctions, new lane alignments, central hatching), play streets and barriers, but they can be fairly major; the remodeling of the Harlesden town centre gyratory was funded this way.

Councillors are invited to put ideas forward. You can contact your councillor direct (click here for the Mapesbury councillors). Alternatively, you can talk about it here. We’ve opened up this page for comments so you can float ideas and talk them over.

There’s no need to register first, and though we ask for your email address it won’t be displayed.

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3 Responses to Road schemes and travel initiatives 2018/2019 – any ideas?

  1. John Adams says:

    Larch Road would either need to be made a one way, or a provision made to allow vehicles to pull in so vehicles can pass.

  2. Ben Tansley says:

    Is there a big problem? Drivers seem to work it out together, using parking bays and junctions.
    I used to think Larch and Mora and Temple Roads and so on needed to be one-way but now I fear that would just encourage rat-running.

  3. John Adams says:

    Temple Road was “widened” by allowing cars to park on the pavement. This made a big difference traveling Temple Road.

    Larch Road has drivers that drive half way up the middle from Ashford Road and throw their hands up in the air (like they don’t care)

    Mora Road has several junction pull in points. I would say when turning off the broadway into Mora Road around the bottom of Hassop Road cars are parking and taking up pulling space in the evenings. The traffic backs up down Mora Road and it’s a nightmare.