B&Q site – planning application made

UPDATE: Barnet have extended the deadline. You can now make comments up to 14th October. If you’ve already commented but have more to say, you can do that too.

Developers Montreaux have made their planning application for the B&Q site and Barnet have published it as planning application ref 20/3564/OUT.

They want planning approval for 1,100 residential units in blocks 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 25 storeys tall, with the 25-storey block closest to Cricklewood Lane.

We’re updating our web page with more information and pictures of the proposal. There are links to the application, to tips on objecting, and to Barnet’s planning portal so you can object online.

A “wireframe” view from the planning application, showing the towers above the station.
Wireframes only show thin outlines in the sky, so we tried quickly colouring them in.
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