Superhub: new documents, new deadline

RAIL FREIGHT FACILITY FOR TRANSFER OF AGGREGATES Many residents will have been notified by post that new documents have been added on the planning portal in connection with this application and that the application is out to consultation again.  We are told that comments you have already registered on Barnet’s … Read more

Superhub: one application withdrawn, more objections

DB Cargo have told residents that they’re withdrawing their temporary-period application to use the site for aggregates for 18 months. The application for permanent use remains.
More than 680 objections can now be read on the Barnet website and there are critical responses from TfL and Barnet’s own Transport and Regeneration team too. Read more

Dust, dirt and Donoghue’s

Forwarded from Golders Green Estate Residents’ Association about the problems just across the railway from the proposed road/rail superhub at 400 Edgware Road. Over the last 10 years, Donoghue’s Waste Management & Transfer site has grown into a multi-million pound business situated in the heart of our residential area and … Read more

Superhub – you can still object

Superhub – you can still object

664 objections on the Barnet website and that’s not counting the email ones. Click here to add your voice.  If  you cannot access the portal, please email your objections to Barnet’s planning officer, Update: the online portal is closed now, but you can still email. As the website says, … Read more